Psalms of Humidity

The reason I named this book Psalms of Humidity: Psalms mean instrumental music. Instrumental music stands for musical composition. Psalms are a musical composition of your soul to God. Humidity is my nickname. My soul holds every quality the word humidity describes. That is why it is my nickname. Why would I use the name Humidity instead of my name? My name is David. Psalms of David is a book that already exists.

Matthew 7:7-20

Men do not show chivalry because women are supposedly weaker. Men show chivalry to honor and respect the woman they would love because she is stronger. Women are not helpers and created second because they weaker than men. Man should not be alone because in our arrogance we think we're stronger than anything in creation and some even place themselves on the same plateau as God. Woman is the mirror to a man in the sense that she shows the reflection of what true strength is, while at the same time the woman is soft tender compassionate and teaches the man the true definition of submission and love. When he understands that he is weaker than the woman he loves, he will truly understand how to guide and lead his family in truth and passion through submission.

"Stop focusing on the sin of the person, start focusing on the soul. If you do not focus on the soul of the person, you will judge that person. Let me ask who is Jesus?"

"The seed of man carries the Souls of both men and women. The womb of a woman Carries those Souls and gives birth to them."

Humidity - Humanities understanding must identify desire in Truths yoke.

--David Waldrop