Quiet Waters: Reflections on the Twenty-Third Psalm

Quiet Waters: Reflections on the Twenty-Third Psalm is a profound reflection on one of the greatest psalms in the Holy Scripture. It allows us to further understand an important metaphor used in the Bible, one that describes the kind of relationship that God desires to establish between Him and His children. If we are truly His children, God is our Good Shepherd, and we are His sheep.

Quiet Waters contains bits and pieces from the story of David, the Psalms' human author, the second king of Israel, and called by God as "a man after His own heart."

Having a personal relationship with our Good Shepherd allows us to experience the true definition of quietness, safety, and even abundance as we go through the various phases of our challenging lives here on earth. Understanding our characteristics and vulnerabilities as His sheep helps us grow spiritually in our faith and learn to completely trust and depend on the Good Shepherd.

Each chapter contains Reflection Questions that encourage us to ponder over the things that truly matter in our lives and those around us. Do you recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd? Are you indeed a part of His flock? At the end of this spiritual journey, Quiet Waters invites you to an important prayer, one that is both simple and life-changing ""

a fundamental step towards becoming a sheep of the Good Shepherd.

--Ramil N. Carmen

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