Rieliegh's Story: Secrets Revealed, Bring Truth, Love, and Hope

Rieliegh’s hidden all the money she could save and leaves everything behind the night of her high school graduation. She ends up in New York City scared, hungry, and alone. To get out of the cold, she meets Betty, the owner of a great bakery who gives her work and a room to keep her off the streets. She wanders into a prestigious art gallery, meeting the owner and given the opportunity of a lifetime—to be her first apprentice. During the first gallery event, she meets a renowned artist who invites her to dinner. She is suddenly caught between her past and the future. She’s been trashed all her life, told no one will ever want her. Her self-protection resolves and secrets come face-to-face with the truth. She’s wondered if she could ever find love and hope. Her story will astound readers with what she discovers.

--Debbie Bennett