Sally Skunk: Makes New Friends

Sally couldn’t believe it, but it was finally here—moving day. Her parents had been talking about it and making preparations all summer long.Sally had spent most of the last two weeks, packing her room and saying goodbye to her friends.As she went back up to her room for the last time, the tears rolled down her face. She looked around and remembered all the countless hours she and her best friend, Jane, had spent there.Saying goodbye to her best friend was going to be very hard. Sally and Jane first met in preschool and had been together ever since.Now Sally’s parents were moving her to a new city and a new school where she would have to start all over again.Why was this happening? Why did her father have to lose his job and have to go to another city to find a new one? This is so unfair, thought Sally.When Sally reaches her new home, she quickly learns that even though nobody will replace her first friend, Jane, it is okay to make new ones.

--Netty Confetti