Sonflower Submission

Sonflower Submission

• Ever complain a lot about certain things?

• Ever find yourself seeing the negative side of things before seeing the positive side?

• Ever been right about something but learned that being right wasn’t necessarily right?

Then this is the book for you or that person who came to mind as you read these questions! You see, pride has a way of taking all of us into these arenas: complaining, negativity, exerting our need to be right. However, this is not the place where the Lord would have us be, or leave us if we stumble there. There is a place across the street from pride, a place called submission. It is a powerful location and one that is not as natural to us as we might like to think.

Proverbs 16:18-19 speaks of how pride goes before a fall, but it is better to be lowly in spirit. Was Jesus demonstrating power when He said not a mumbling word before accusers who were about to crucify Him? Absolutely! The strength of His lowly submitted heart conquered even death itself. So what about our day-to-day routines? Can submission help us forge through life with less stress, less contention? I think it can.

This allegory was written after following the bowed heads of a crop of sunflowers. No matter what occurred in nature, they simply bowed to life’s circumstances. There is something so regal about their stature, yet they portray humbleness and gentle strength. This story explores what happens when Sonflower unfolds His spirit of submission to character Priden’s heart. Is it possible that such a fiercely proud soul is ready for the Kingdom harvest?

Enter submission.

Exit pride?


--DeVeria Gore