Sound of My Song

The prose and poems in this book tell the story of young Susanne

Stephenson, growing up on the land in central Iowa, where early European

settlers brought their Christian faith along with their need for land, a

church, and a school. She marries her like-minded love, and after her

husband earns advanced degrees in an Iowa university, they move their

family to Virginia for her husband's work and for school for Susanne and

the children.

Susanne learns in the early years that she carries the defective gene for

depression, but with specialty doctors providing the proper medication,

she earns her degree, cares for her family, and teaches in the Virginia

schools. The passion for writing becomes a catharsis that she uses to

research the family's history.

Susanne openly talks to God throughout her life, believing that the Creator

walks with her through each of life's events. As she grieves through her

husband's early death and the tragedy of the death of her sister's child, it

becomes clear that depression is striking someone in each of the sibling's

family, tragically - one by one. The poems listed in the book, follow her

grief and gradual recovery - evident in the world of her words.

As a single person wanting to marry again, she meets people of different

cultures, religions, and values, but now, would God send this man to her

door? This could not be possible, and she faces a diffcult decision. After

changes from her earlier life, she is still talking to her God.

--Karmen Worden