Spiritual Jewels for a Christian Journey: Strengthening and Growing the Family God's Way: Biblical Insights and Practical Wisdom

In this book, Spiritual Jewels for a Christian Journey, Dr. Frank E. Ray, Sr., gives situations that will help strengthen the family on their Christian journey, while unfolding biblical insights and practical wisdom. It will encourage the family in their works and walk with the Lord in hope of leading each family member through an identity change for growth in Christ. As God continues to speak through this man of God, in 2019, after preaching a family series, Dr. Ray was led to assemble his messages and sermons into this printed format. Each outlined chapter is made to serve as a guide for the husband's, wife's, and child's roles in the family in the manner of which they should conduct themselves as a Christian. On this journey, we will have challenges, but know that you are not alone. While experiencing those challenges, trust in God. When weaknesses and/or perhaps failures seem to overwhelm your hearts, remember to refer to the Spiritual Jewels for a Christian Journey as a helpful tool with the Word of God.

--Dr. Frank E. Ray, Sr.