Bryn Davis loves reading comic books. Her favorite is Metamorphosis Man, a superhero who can change his appearance at will. She never dreamed about meeting him because she knew superheroes weren’t real. All that changes when she helps her best friend, Bree Blatchford, with a science experiment. Bryn cannot believe what is happening to her. As she is holding the test tube, Bree puts in the last ingredient. Suddenly, the mixture turns magenta and erupts straight into the air and comes down on Bryn. Her hair is suddenly changed from brown to shades of magenta. She quickly jumps into the emergency shower. When she comes out, her hair is the same magenta color. Her world is turned upside down when she begins to have strange dreams where she is teleported to another place and she meets one of the villains from her comic book and it seems, suddenly, she’s fighting bad guys. This brings her into the attention of the Super Heroes Overcoming Evil (S.H.O.E) and the comic book bad guy. This is not what she had planned for this school year. Bryn tries to keep her focus on school, her friends, and the yearly school carnival. Her crush, Justin, is working on the carnival committee with her. She helps with the carnival in the afternoon and then attends the S.H.O.E. Ball in the evening. Bad guy, Fedora Man, crashes the ball, having put some herbs into the food and drinks to temporarily take away their powers. The others are unable to help her as he kidnaps Magenta and now she is in a cage in a place where she has never been before. Since her powers are dulled, she has only her mask and her wits to get free and defeat the villain before she is unmasked.

--Melinda Brault