Survivor List

In order to become completely healed, I had to reflect on the things throughout my life that contribute to the mental and emotional state that I had lived most of my life. Things that happened during my childhood continued to control me as an adult. Once I made the choice of finding who I truly was, I was able to see that even the worst of things turned out for my good. Knowing the root of the problem helps to make sense in a senseless world. Surviving Part 1 is just a glimpse of my perspective, on how things seemed as a child. How a relationship with God could look not worth it. I am a testimony that most children truly need people in their lives who are willing to truly pray for them every day. Prayer and faith do change everything. By never losing my faith and waiting on God, I can walk in favor and take all the things that hurt me to all the things I learned as a child by being nosey and use it for the God. My story is to influence others to cast all their pains, rejections, bitterness, and hurts onto the Lord. He hears all our prayers and cries. Break all chains of generational cures so that generational blessings will become the legacy left behind for others.

--Neisa Wilhite