Teacher's Manual and Explanation Guide: Bible Summary for Catholics

Teacher’s Manual and Explanation Guide: Bible Summary for Catholics is exactly what its title says it is. It is a teacher’s manual that explains how to best use the main textbook to teach a comprehensive summary of the Catholic Bible to students, or a resource for anyone who wants explanations of the material in the textbook. This book summarizes, clarifies, and gives explanations to the textbook material. The main textbook was written in a manner in which the only material in it is shortened information from the Bible or actually quoted word-for-word information from the Bible. As such, it is a pure summary of the Bible with no explanations or interpretations from the author. This teacher’s manual provides explanations of the biblical material in the textbook, intended to help the student/reader get a better understanding of what is being presented. Suggestions are additionally given in this teacher’s manual to teachers concerning methods they may use to teach particular topics to their students.

--Michael Kotch and Rose Hayward