Tell Them, The Beatles are Your Salvation

This is an inspirational writing that will appeal to young and middle-aged adults. It is a divine blending of pop music nostalgia with religious concepts formulating a guide for living in the twenty-first century. The introduction will peak the interest of the curious, and the first chapter will firmly grasp readers as they experience along with the writer surviving a Level Three (3) Tornado without earthly protection.

The subsequent chapters are very moving and thought provoking. The reader will surprisingly be guided by song lyrics of the pop music group, the Beatles. The writer has brilliantly paralleled biblical concepts with the words of Beatles’ tunes to be used as a roadmap to living well and to Jesus Christ. Readers will find this writing to be a unique religious approach to contemporary issues of everyday living and spiritual growth. This is truly an inspirational writing for our time.

--Diann B. James

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