The Bark of the Day: Random thoughts from a little mind (as told to my human John Mikulan)

It all started with a simple e-mail from John to his coworkers. They were about to start a special project at the major healthcare organization John was working. He and his wife had just adopted Mojo from the Animal Friends pet shelter in Pittsburgh. One of the four principles John tries to follow is that your attitude will determine your altitude. Mojo’s name and his demeanor definitely reminded John of that fact. So he sent an e-mail as Mojo stating that on the first day of the project.Well, Mojo was voted the team mascot! His picture became displayed throughout the department. One of John’s duties was as a subject matter expert. John approached his boss about sending a teaching e-mail to help everyone focus on their jobs each day. He sent an e-mail from the team mascot to help everyone want to read the message. It contained a quote from a famous person throughout history. He then applied the quote to that day’s lesson, and The Bark of the Day was born.At the core of The Bark of the Day are the beliefs that John has always tried to follow. These four beliefs are as follows: attitude equals altitude; perception is reality; live life in the spirit of thankfulness; and most importantly, practice forgiveness to yourself and others.When John retired, he stopped writing those e-mails. About three weeks into his retirement, while reading a book by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, he was inspired to write this book. It is his hope that you will find the book entertaining, thought-provoking, and helpful in adopting those principles in your own life.

--John Mikulan