The Book of Life: Digging for Truth: Finding the Treasure

What is life all about? What wisdom and life lessons have you learned? What are the enduring essential truths and treasures of life that you must share and pass on to your children, family, and friends?A father’s intention is to leave a rich legacy of love to his own family by providing solid and simple instructions and meaningful answers to life’s most important questions. He ambitiously begins to layout the basics of finding lasting purpose, meaning, and direction in life when he realizes that this is much more than just a personal project. His book became a mission to bring a message of TRUTH to anyone who dares to read it.This foundational journey of life and faith tackles some tough subjects: HEAVEN and HELL, LIFE and DEATH. There is also a curious character (an alter ego) who persistently poses questions commonly asked by critics and skeptics of Christianity. Using candid personal experiences and creative illustrations the author seeks to establish common ground with fellow travelers. Where have you been on life's journey? Where are you headed?

--Ronald Thomas Brake