The Church in the Last Days

Above all, the writer believes that The Church in the Last Days addresses the main sources of doctrinal confusion, clearing the air and exposing the contradictions to which many Christians still cling regarding crucial end time prophecies. First, the writer has received direct revelation from God’s Spirit which has led to the solution of these problems. Second, he has also compared many other salient scriptures which have apparently been ignored, thereby clarifying pertinent contextual details regarding the relative timing of end times events. Also, this book is a “primer for victory” for all those who believe the truth of the complete Gospel of Christ. One cannot miss the fact that the New Testament is full of glowing examples of what believers can do just by taking Jesus’s Word at face value. Solomon wrote that “the righteous are as bold as a lion.” Not only that, the writer believes that the New Covenant aptly sketched out simply in ‘‘the Lord’s Prayer,” is a manifesto for a spiritual revolution that we can implement today and finally, in these “last days,” bring about a worldwide revival and the fulfillment of the great commission.

--Pastor David J. Bowers