The Door Is Open

Jesus opened the door for the whole world, the entire human race, for all time, and invited all of us to live in God’s portion.

When we know that we know for 100 percent surety, within our core values, that God loves us no matter what, then we walk like we are loved 100 percent, and this is how everything else follows.

In the last chapter of my last book, Time to Really Live Free, I wrote about what Adam and Eve had given up and the plan God had to return it to humanity through his Son, Jesus Christ. When we begin to understand this is what the new covenant is all about, God’s portion being returned to humanity, we can truly live from the place of truth that God already loves us.

My next questions were, “God, what does your portion look like? And am I living from the truth that I have your portion?” I kept looking for answers, but my answers were already there for me. What I realized is that for the last five years, I have been learning to live from this place.

My first book is like the roots of what the good news is all about. This book is going into how I live my life from those roots. Come with me on a journey into real life with God…

--Darlene Gaston