The Etching

Sometimes, a leap of faith requires three revolutions and a perfect landing.

When seventeen-year-old, Shay Gerrard becomes the newest US ladies’ figure-skating champion, she is one step closer to realizing her dream of winning Olympic gold. Everything goes as planned until a representative of the State Department arrives at Shay’s home with stunning news: Shay’s estranged father has been arrested in Beijing for attending an illegal house church. Shay insists it must be a mistake. Her father was an avowed atheist. What would he be doing at a house church in China?

When the news breaks that a US Olympian’s father has been imprisoned for his religious beliefs in the host city of the Olympics, Shay is swept up in a political and media firestorm that will follow her to Beijing and threaten her Olympic dream. Shay has never been a believer, but before the Games are over, Shay Gerrard will stun the world and discover that God often uses the unlikeliest people for his greatest good.

--Harold Schmidt