The Faces of Janus

Sunny is bewildered by her husband, Don. She’s always believed she loves him, but his behavior has become increasingly difficult to live with as he is moody and his temper flares for no reason. Don is so mercurial that Sunny wonders who he really is. Why is he so two-faced? Just like the mythological two-faced Janus.

Don has never liked many of Sunny’s friends, especially her best friend, Daisy. Then Daisy disappears under mysterious circumstances. The day that Daisy disappeared, Don came home with a deep scratch on his face. Had he been in a struggle? Could it have been with Daisy? Sunny begins to wonder if Don could be responsible for her friend being missing. Did Daisy scratch him when he abducted her?

Sunny is devastated as the days pass, and Daisy remains missing. Her concerns and suspicions grow. Don’s temper does nothing to quell Sunny’s doubts. She loves him and wants to believe he has nothing to do with Daisy’s disappearance. Could Don be a killer? Which of Janus’s two faces really belongs to Don?

--Anne Perez Bennett

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