The Healing Power of God

Divine healing involves a supernatural act which resolves a physical, emotional, or spiritual problem. Be enthralled with the true story of how one person was healed from depression and suicide due to sexual abuse. What the medical doctors and psychologist could not do, God did in a moment. The divine healing experience will encourage you and strengthen your faith.

Read what it was like for one person to go through a deep, dark depression with no way out. The world around her went on with a smile on her face, but inside her, she was slowly dying. It is then that she realized that she needed professional help. She separated herself from all her family to seek help. She felt inside her that the doctors were not helping her heal. She decided to go back to church. God was the last resort when it should have been the first. Through his grace and mercy, he took her through a journey of divine healing. Read how God orchestrated her path and how he set everything in motion for her miracle.

Jesus said, "Did I not say to you, if you believe, you will see the glory of God."

--Angelica Gallegos