The Journey : From the Mountains to the Mission Field

God did an amazing thing when a young man from the mountains of southwest Virginia met a young woman from metropolitan Washington, D.C. The influence of their early lives, their meeting and the miraculous happenings that followed is the story that is contained within the covers of this book. God took a country boy and made him a missionary. He was a scrapper as a young boy, never backing away from a fight. God led him and his family to the country of the Philippines where he fought for the souls of men. Living in an area of the Philippines that was dangerous and filled with threats from the communist party called the New Peopleís Army, he was consumed with passion to reach the lost with the gospel of Christ. The family was faced with attacks from physical enemies as well as the spiritual enemy, Satan, in an effort to stop the progression of the spread of the gospel. This story is one that is filled with true life experiences which will keep the reader spellbound. It takes twists and turns through valleys and mountains tops to reveal what God can do through two ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. To be a servant of Christ requires a call, a cost and a commitment. These three things are evident in the lives of this missionary couple. The ministry of this courageous missionary family continues on today in the Philippines and throughout the world through individuals who were impacted by their ministry.

--Carole Beverly