The Master Counterfeiter

First of all, this book contains the Truth that I have discovered and Tested all my life. This book answers the vital questions of life: Where Did We Come From? Where are We Now? and, Where are We Going? You will be astonished at the answers! This book contains the main insights gained from thirteen years of teaching Martial Arts, Living in Japan for 8 years and Thailand 2 years, and from traveling and studying all over Asia, Europe, America, even South America. Mexico and Polynesia. Being an adventurer, traveler, gourmet, USAF veteran, a sportsman, a person willing to take risks, a person who lives to make people laugh, and one who has a fervent appetite for knowing, ‘what are your philosophies and/or Who is your God (if any)?………… you will never be bored reading this! In a few words, this book contains everything you need to know to live an interesting, successful, fulfilled, confident, outrageously Fun, in not only this life, but in the Life to Come!

--Richard Constant