The Merging

The last years of the Christianization of Europe, the Viking Warriors from Scandinavian Countries were finally Christianized. With this their terrible killings, lootings, and taking slaves ended. They started trading in peace. Captain Leif was at the end of his sailing career and with his four children, he promised his wife he’d stop his sailing-trading expeditions. But he decided that he needed one more trip to cement his family’s finances.So he and his crew went to Ireland; the farthest west he had ever gone. The trip turned into a trip to the New World as they were caught in a westerly tide. During the trip, a massive storm with severe lightning caused the mast to break. As a result, the ship broke in half. There were rafts which the crew had made and the crew eventually landed at the Outer Banks known as Cape Fear; now South Carolina. They went ashore and met with Indians. Now the story of them and their companion Indians began. The Merging begins.

--Richard Bisson