The Moment of Truth

We are living in a “precedented” and “unprecedented” times!Our children cannot take this anymore. If silence is observed, stop and listen! The global planet is failing faster, and no one else can see! It is up to us to restore the nation’s pride and strength. After discovering the disturbing truths about life and universal struggles that countless people suffer from the terrible pangs of leaders and the hunger for transformation, Dr. King concerns himself with choosing which of his disappointing moments to execute. The duty to action falls upon King to restore the nation’s pride and human dignity. King spent ten years obsessing for it to come down to the real “moment of truth.”Failure is never an option, and no matter the cost is, King will go to great lengths to find the real truth. Searching for the truth is never easy. King puts others ahead of him because he cares deeply and wants to liberate all those crying for a way in and way out. Is that you? Read this book. It will change your life!

--Dr. King Iyobosa William