The Moses Experience

On the pages of this book you will see a picture of love, hope, and ultimately

surrender. e dedication form one who can give it without failure defeat or threat

of external forces. God instills this in every individual who humbles themselves to

embody it, embrace it, and yes embark upon it. One of the greatest of all love, and

when seen in action what a display!

For whom? and for what? a person or family, group of people, Nation, Yes!!!! Which

is seen today for the whole wide world.

Who would hear their cry? Who would deliver them? Who would "bring them out"

from a life that seems there was no end.

I invite you to come to get in the ride with me from the pages of this book, sit back

by a passenger as the dialogue begins, see the time when a light at the end of a tunnel

for Moses was not in sight than it appeared burning bright as a star in the night that

could not be hidden, the doorway to the eternal presence of God.

Take a deep breath and then look within, know that there is an answer a call and

divine appointment for you, that has the ability to carry you places physically as

well as spiritually that you may never dream of and continue as you are guided by it.

Will you hear and respond? will you allow the reshaping of the things you have

experienced in life and realize that nothing is wasted in the Kingdom of God when

putting in in His hands.

He will get the Glory through the scenes of a life story, though rough beginnings

and thoughts of a tragic end you too will have a "Moses experience" that will be

read by others.

--Megan J.

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