The Perception of Trauma: Spiritual Guide to Becoming Whole from Trauma

The Perception of Trauma is a bird’s-eye view of one suffering because of childhood abuse and trauma. Because of abuse and trauma, one needs to refresh their thinking to become healed, whole, and transformed. The book teaches the basics: (1) acknowledging abuse or trauma, (2) learning what privileges or damages it caused, (3) learning what you have done because of it, (4) understanding wrong thinking caused by it, (5) forgiving those that have abused you, and (6) ultimately forgiving yourself. One must become affirmed in the process and choose whom God has created them to be and then aid others through the healing process.The greatest accomplishment is to get the wisdom to fulfill the purpose in life that God has created you for. Many people go through life doing as others (the world) have expected them to do and miss the purpose that God has called them to. The Bible speaks of many being called, but few are chosen. Could it be that because of life’s distractions, the many who were called had become too distracted to choose the ordained life that God has purposed for them (the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord)?This book teaches the renewing of the mind in primary steps, and through the process, one will learn to transform their lives, and this transition will cause one to see the revelation of God’s purpose for their lives. The book teaches that whatever one has suffered from can be used to lead them to the end of wrong thinking and gain the righteous thinking of God through His Word. This book is just the beginning process after receiving salvation to begin to rid a person of one aspect (abuse and trauma) that may be hindering their God-ordained purpose.

--Ti'Shambay Thompson, FNP-C

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