The Proof Is in My Faith

Throughout my life I have had to travel the hills, mountains, and rocky roads; and through those rough times, I could see that there were those second footprints letting me know that I wasn’t alone. Many recognized others as their hero, put them in the spotlight, and indoctrinated them into the hall of fame. In this book, I want to shine the spotlight on God and His Son (Jesus Christ) who are responsible for me being the woman of God that I am today and to share the personal experiences that I have had with Him. Through my trials and tests, I was never alone; and although I couldn’t physically see Him, I knew He was there. Many times I felt His presence. I couldn’t understand why I had struggled like I had, but it was in the blink of a moment that it all was revealed to me. For a time such as this, I would be able to share my testimonies of how God has been my waymaker, miracle worker, and a promise keeper. He has been my light in the darkness, and people must know of His wondrous works so God can get the glory and that others might believe and know that God is who He says He is. This book is written in the promotion of God’s kingdom for people to see that whatever our challenges are, we don’t have to give up, because man’s extremities are God’s opportunity to show up and show out. What we can’t do with the ability that He has given us, He can miraculously do for us through our faith.

--Evangelist Beverly Brooks