The Royal Order of Christian Knights

In the midst of the current chaos, fear, uncertainty, and unprecedented division in this dark and fallen world, there is an army rising up. An army of true believers who are full of love for God and love for one another. An army of the Lord full of the Holy Spirit and power! Soldiers for Christ who are dedicated to the great commission and preparing the way for the return of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Based on the signs of the times around us and the remaining biblical prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes, time is short. No one knows the specific day and time, but we are certainly in the season of the end times! Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! Join our revolutionary movement to change the world by bringing the love, power, and light of the Almighty Everlasting Father into the hate-filled darkness evident in the world today.

Join us, pray with us, serve with us to change the world around us one act of kindness, one human interaction at a time. We stand together forever united, shoulder to shoulder without regard to denomination, race, income level, or any of the countless divisive elements that the principalities of darkness used to weaken the body of Christ and slow the march of the army of God. Together, edifying and equipping one another and helping one another to fight the good fight and run the race set before us, we are stronger than hate, stronger than fear, stronger than addiction and sinful temptations, stronger than any disease or virus, and stronger than anything Satan or the world can throw at us! If God be for us, who can possibly stand against us? We are invincible, and we are on the march. Will you join us? Put on the full armor of God and join the Royal Order of Christian Knights and ride to eternal victory with us!

--Christopher Christon