The Sovereignty of God in Our Daily Lives

This book is about the sovereignty of God, specifically aiming toward those who believe, with an eye toward those who are drawn seeking. The Gospel of Christ, through seeing God’s sovereignty within salvation, and now also within our lives, should help the reader see the glory of Christ in our daily walk of faith. Salvation is not a one-time event and, I challenge, is not solely because of your or my efforts. For it is a gift of grace through faith by God, for beneath our faith in Jesus is God’s active working within our hearts. Now with the Holy Spirit living within us, He works daily in us to the council of His will toward, in, and through us—giving us His grace, wisdom, and comfort each day.This book, with the Bible in hand, highlights scriptures—with my comments as a flashlight—to showcase the glory of God and to help reveal to believers and seekers alike the high value of Jesus!

--David R. Rosen