The Story of the Christmas Lights

Can Christmas lights really talk? Do they have personalities and feelings?? In this fun, easy to read book, The Story of the Christmas Lights, meet Samuel and his family in their small Colorado town as they experience their favorite time of the year. With unexpected twists and turns, walk with Samuel as he tries to solve the mystery of several unique strings of Christmas lights that seem to have a mind of their own. Little does he know these colorful lightbulbs have tons of personality and messages to share! Readers will be delighted to watch the banter between the lightbulbs that is creative, silly, and impactful. Join the different colors of Christmas lights throughout the story with their funny and heartfelt messages that are sure to touch the hearts of all ages. As the Christmas lights banter back and forth, they learn about teamwork and needing each other to make a strong team and connection. They also experience the negative and positive power of their words, learning about forgiveness, needing each other, and gratefulness. But learning these lessons do not come easy for the string of lights as their personalities take us on a unique adventure. Watch Samuel and his family—Daryl, Michelle, Dustin, and Karly—along with Turbo their dog and Charlie the cat as they do their best to piece together the mystery of the lightbulbs. Learn from Samuel’s sister, Karly, as she steps out in faith and demonstrates the key bond for the family and what causes the lights to come together and shine their brightest. Share time with a family that is bound with deep love for each other and a connection that is even stronger than the string of Christmas lights themselves. This is their best Christmas season yet with many more to come!

--Janice Harris Gibbs