The Void You Feel: Only God Can Fill

If you are looking for a book to help you possibly understand some of the ways you may have self-sabotaged, this is it! This book is written from a young woman’s perspective with an in-depth personal reflection of how she allowed herself to fall short in relationships. Like many other young women, Princess James shares how she was searching for love in all the wrong places. Constantly, straddling the fence between what she knew was right and what she felt was necessary in the name of love. It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom that her eyes were opened to what God wanted to show her, and then she was able to identify the dysfunctional patterns in life.This book is written by Princess James, revealing honestly and vividly some of the things she went through. She spells out her desire to be loved by a man in her teenage years from her first encounter to one of her last attempts at love leaving her feeling emotionally bankrupt. As a proud mother, daughter, sister, and friend, she has always openly shared her life with others as an attempt to help whomever she could to not make the same-like matters. At the age of thirty, she realized she was a part of the problem.As this book dives deep into her failed attempts in search of love, she wants others to know that you, too, may identify with some similar experiences. However, you are never alone, and it is never too late to learn from past mistakes. God can and will heal all those who are brokenhearted and call out to him and desire change. Despite the many mistakes, “all things will work together for our good.”

--Princess James