Their Final Outcome

Dinah was sure she and Travis would be together forever. How could a love so strong end so abruptly?

If she couldn’t have Travis forever, why did God allow her to have him at all?

Hadn’t she faced enough losses?

Losing someone to death was hard enough. But losing someone who was still very much alive—someone who brought out a side of her she liked, however never knew before, someone whom she loved and felt more love from than she knew could exist between a man and a woman—only brought with it confusion and a painful desire to have someone who possibly could no longer be hers.

Will they overcome the difficult uncertainties as they seek unknown answers to confusing questions? Will the love they have for each other endure the hardships of the curveballs life throws their way? Or will the love they once shared be lost forever?

Being no exception to the promises of God with the same fervor and determination, Travis and Dinah set out in different directions. They were searching for something, anything that would shed light on the reality the troublesome devastation of living a life apart from each other caused. They knew no matter what the circumstance, no matter how big or small, one thing they could rely on was God’s faithfulness to give them hope in Their Final Outcome.

--Abigail Darbil