Thought Shot (24-Hour Innergy): 31 Day Devotional

Are you tired of burning bridges? Weary of digging ditches just to bunker down in them as life passes you by? How is your relationship with your family? Do you have a family? Are you homeless? Are you an addict? Are you a felon? Are you seeking an answer from your ashes? Do they respond? Or are they as chaff in the wind? Are you as chaff in the wind? Blown every which way that is convenient and least resistant to your worn, broken, battered, tired, lonely, cold, whimpering spirit? If so, then just know that I was not just one of these abovementioned but all and many more unspoken. The key elements in this book will restore you. But, friend, know this: nobody can want it for you. Nobody can work it for you. But I am daily alongside you through this devotional. I roll up my sleeves and get right in there with you, and back to back we’ll fight you out your despair and into a newfound hope turned future.

--Jonathon Archuletta