Time For Bed

Bedtime- the part of our day set apart for quiet reflection. A time for thanksgiving and prayer, hearing the voice of the Lord, reading, and snuggling with our little ones; meditating on the good and pure blessings that come from God-God's creation, family, friends, and all the sweet blessings of His kingdom.

Cuddle up with your little one and let the illustrations show you bedtimes in different cultures. See a world where every part of creation willingly offers praise to its Creator.

Enjoy putting your child to sleep with this adorable story, traveling through different cultures of the world and experiencing children from all over the globe going to sleep just like you. Let Time for Bed lull your child into a peaceful sleep and sweet dreams.

When it's Time for Bed, rest in the peace that everything God created was made to bless you and give Him glory.

Introduce your child to different cultures and languages from around the globe. Look for the word good night in eight different languages in the illustrations:









--Moe Welsh