Tommy's Terrific Butterfly

Tommy’s Terrific Butterfly is a tale about a little boy whose trip to the doctor’s office to get a flu shot is met with an unexpected, delightful surprise. The butterfly is a welcome distraction for Tommy during his doctor’s visit. He feels happy and safe and goes home with a new buddy who makes his day very interesting and soothing.Tommy’s mommy saves the day with a magical butterfly, which is also seen in many illustrations of the book. The butterfly landing on his arm is a vision in his dreams and also rides in his mother’s purse. Not only is the butterfly Tommy’s friend but also represents deep caring and love by his mother.The story has compassion and a vivid feeling of kindness and concern for a child by his mother. Tommy is no longer fearful but now comforted by this butterfly by his side.Entertaining and a joy to read, this book will fascinate and enchant a young reader for many good reads over and over.Written in a poetic form makes this story lighthearted and easy to read and unique. The book conveys a dreamlike imaginative quality with an added heartfelt twist of a mother’s love.

--Miss Kathy