Transcending Heights: Journey to Freedom

Transcending Heights: Journey to Freedom is the first published work of this author. This journey explores desires to be accepted, engage in fulfilling relationships, finding self, and the various lessons that are learned throughout the journey about truly finding love, self-respect, and self-worth before even engaging in intimate relationships with others.Furthermore, the awareness of domestic violence through the lens of the author is shared with readers to provide insights into healthy versus unhealthy relationships, signs that are often ignored in abusive relationships, the importance of rehabilitation for batterers, services for survivors, and the importance of informing young people of healthy relationships and boundaries.Furthermore, the impact that domestic violence has on society is highlighted in this story. Throughout the journey of transcending heights and arriving at the point of freedom, there will be more obstacles to overcome, goals to set, and purposes to fulfill. The author allows readers to peek inside the journey that she and her family endured as she realized that everything that she ever needed to serve God’s purpose was right before her.After her near-death experience, she still faced other struggles and challenges; however, God placed angels in her path that were able to continue to assist her on the journey to freedom.

--Sylvia Hill