Velvet Meets the Iron Curtain: The Autobiography of a Czech Dancer

Velvet Meets the Iron Curtain is a true story of an unexpected revolution of the heart.This autobiography tells a story of a man born behind the Iron Curtain of Communist Czechoslovakia, a nation known for its cultural and historical heritage and for its prevailing atheistic view on life. Jiri Sebastian Voborsky tells his story of growing up under the heavy fist of the totalitarian regime. In a moving and captivating way, he writes of his experience of the 1989 Velvet Revolution and passionately recounts his own revolt against the voice of spiritual depravity when met by his Savior, Jesus Christ.This narrative paints a picture of the profound truth that God, in His wisdom, carefully orchestrates the events of our lives, allowing us to arrive at the very moment where the exchange between man and God takes place. As a high school student, Jiri was privileged to be one out of ten million Czechs who was given the opportunity to personally encounter Jesus Christ. As a professional ballet dancer, Jiri’s path of life then brought him to America where he blossomed into a world-renowned choreographer and became a passionate artist pointing thousands to that same Messiah, both here in the United States and around the world.Jiri’s desire for his story is to bring hope and inspiration to the readers’ lives as they perceive to learn of their own special place in the heart of God.

--Jiri Sebastian Voborsky