Walking in the Garden

Walking in the Garden comes from the heart and was written by Kim with her own relationship with Jesus in mind and how this has helped her in her life to overcome life's obstacles and trials through a strong connection with God and continual communication with Him and prayer each day Life is not easy, and to have faith it requires continual prayer, devotion and reading the bible on a regular basis, as well as sitting at Jesus's feet to learn from Him and have the peace that surpasses all understanding. It is her desire that this book will inspire others to know God and find His peace and love through the poems in this book. He cares for us in every way, and nothing is too big or small to bring to Him in prayer. Spending time with God is emphasized as is our never being alone on this earth although we may feel that way at times!!Jesus is a friend to the end, and He knows all. It is Kim's hope that as you read this book, you will find peace, love, joy and serenity in knowing that God loves you always and will never, ever, leave you!!

--Kim Carroll