When You Renew Your Mind, Then God Will Renew Your Life

This book is inspiring, informational, and encouraging. It will make you feel good. Renewing your mind can be very beneficial for us. Throughout the years, we need to take a look at our lives and the things we believe. If what we are believing isn’t blessing us and making us a better person, maybe we need to make some changes. This book will give anyone a place to start.It has listed Bible verses to help bring them back to your memory. It also encourages the reader to look up more verses to learn more.The most important part of this book is the emphasis of God’s love for his people. If that is all that touches your heart when you read this book, at least you will know God has loved you from the beginning of creation.This book would be a good book to give anyone who is struggling with their life because it will help them think about the important things in their life. God wants to help us, and after reading this book, I am going to let him do more in my life, and I hope you will too.

--M.C. Sayers