A Clean Pun-Steer!

It was a clear night of incredibly black skies when Bhryden was born into the inky

darkness. All the stars seemed even larger and brighter than normal twinkling down their

smiles. That was when his first breath was drawn. He soon heard the booming of fireworks

all around him, echoing out their joyful sound of celebration. Ever since then, he has

believed that life should be lived as a party worth working for! He constantly finds the funny

side of life, including in the people starring in its everyday events. Even in the ordinary

things, such as doing dishes while everyone, including himself, is grumbling, he sees sparks

of humor that ignite laughter.

Somehow all the protesting groans at the one-liners, rolling of eyeballs and head

shaking only add to the silliness. Before even realizing what's happening, the fun's overtaken

everyone and they've been drawn into feeling that life's really worth living after all-if you

choose to give up the gloom! He lives as a reminder to search for, find out, and know the

joy, believing that happiness is a heart choice and laughter the best of tonics. So today, why

not try a dose from his book? After laughing (or even groaning) at something you've found,

take a moment to notice if you're experiencing a lighter heart. Possibly, given the chance,

you'll find a little bit of unexpected sparkle's been added to your day!

--Bhryden Doherty