A Father and Son Walking Experience: The French and North Caminos

The book is a personal account of a father and son's journey walking over one thousand miles on the Camino de Santiago. It is a bonding experience between two adult males confronting unexpected struggles to reach their destination over an extended period of time. It is equally a reference for those interested in learning more about what the historical and famous Camino de Santiago entails.The French Camino, everyone's favorite, was highly interactive with countless traveling companions from throughout the globe. It includes fascinating walks through large cities like Pamplona, Leon, and Burgos and unique segments like climbing the Pyrenees from France to Spain and walking the long, flat mesa outside of Burgos.The North Camino was almost an entirely different experience. While the struggles were more pronounced, they were more satisfying. Almost nothing turned out as planned, and yet everything came together at the end. There is no doubt that the French Camino had to come first. It prepared us for the second journey in Europe as did the four years between the two Caminos.15

--Dr. Ruben Barron

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