A Guide to Low Back Flexability: Movements to do while working from your desk at Home or Office

This book was written to give those individuals working at a desk all or most of the workday, whether sitting all day or with periods of standing, more choice when it comes to movements that address the muscles of the lowback where tightness is an issue. Each “Movement” in this book stands on its own, so you can combine movements from anywhere in the book that work well in combination for your situation. You may also choose to change or alternate movements that give you the relief you need.

I started research on this subject over ten years ago during periods of working in combination with other health care professionals specializing in pain management, with someone receiving treatments for low-back issues. I began noticing that individuals were usually given only a few exercises/stretches to do between treatments, to help stay limber.

This book gives you the option to choose from a wide assortment of movements that may help you maintain flexibility in the low back region. These movements include the low-back, abdominal and hamstring regions. Low-Back pain is high on the list of pain causing issues that can affect those of all ages. By giving attention to your low-back flexibility today you may avoid having issues related to tight low-back muscles, in future years.

The movements in this book may also be adapted for someone who must spend all or the better part of the day in a chair due to limited mobility, caused by muscle tightness in the low-back region.

--A. Martin

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