A Mighty Shield: Prophesy Woven with International Intrigue

Opposing spiritual forces collide as Ezekiel’s prophecies explode upon

today’s global stage. An evil scheme masterminded by the United

Nations secretary general threatens to secure world dominance for his


Laura discovers that her unique heritage buried deep within Russia’s

mysterious past suggests she embodies Russia’s best hope for survival.

Thus, Laura accepts a dangerous mission, one she believes is ordained

by God. When extreme perils and evil adversaries assail Laura, her blind

husband, Ben with help from his guide dog, struggles to protect her.

The beleaguered couple is inexorably drawn into the frothing vortex of

a worldwide war.

God intervenes to erect a mighty shield protecting Israel and much

of the world from nuclear annihilation.  e mysterious past embraces

Laura and Ben in unexpected ways.

A Mighty Shield is a standalone sequel of Joint Eagles.

--Robert Hagan

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