A Place for Every... One

Have you ever felt like you do not belong here? Like this world is not your home? If so, you will identify with the author as she shares deep questions she pondered from childhood.

After a series of tragic events, followed by years of grief, Rose finds answers given by the Lord that are both comforting and encouraging. The Lord imparts these insights using the analogy of each of our lives to our heavenly home. Although all homes have similar rooms with similar purposes, their design and furnishings are different. In the same way, many lessons are universal, yet we are still each unique and in need of the Lordís words spoken to us individually.

Throughout this book, Rose shares universal lessons while encouraging others to seek Godís words to them alone. The good news, given to all of us, is that in Godís kingdom, there is a place for everyÖone.

--Rose Gardunio