A Transformational Journey

Jenny Borhen was an orphaned blind teenager when she found the support of a caring family. Later in life, as a master teacher in a school for the blind, Jenny read the book she wrote about the journey taken by her adoptive family to a prospective student.The journey began with brother and sister, Troy and Lisa Bates, after they experienced the tragic loss of their parents because of a fire. The siblings were faced with a decision to rebuild and remain on the homestead farm or embark on a cross-country journey. The journey from New Jersey to California in 1848 would prove to be a challenge and a rewarding life adventure.The siblings would learn to defend themselves, provide lifesaving assistance to other travelers, and experience the unexpected protection provided by Indians. The travelers explored the greatness and beauty of this country. They experienced the power of love and the wisdom of their parents and elders.The journey highlights how our country's history, laws, leadership, innovators, explorers, investors, and neighbors have all influenced its greatness. The westward journey resulted in a transformation of two young siblings to the degree that they ultimately had a positive impact on their local community, state, country, and young future leaders.

--E. James DuBois

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