America for Americans

America for Americans is Dobry's attempt to explain some of the basic concepts of America, things that the schools are not allowed to teach nowadays. Basic things like what is the idea of America? What makes this country unique in the history of the world? Where does money come from, and who decides how much each country gets? We hear about everyone's "Constitutional Rights," but what are they? Why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy the Constitution, the one document that guarantees our protections against a tyrannical government. What is socialism, at least today's version of it? Can socialism really work long term in America? What is the cost of socialism? What is the socialist agenda? What is the conservative agenda? These are things that all Americans need to understand well, what we have and what we stand to lose.

America is at a critical point right now. What we do in the 2020 elections will not only determine what kind of life we will have, but also what kind of life our children and grandchildren and their children will have, and we need to be keenly aware of that. Will they live free, or will they live as subjects under an all-controlling government? We need to consider that very carefully because your freedom is like your life: once you give it up, you won't get it back. We all need to be well-informed with the truth before we make decisions that will have irreversible consequences for the future generations of Americans. We have the right to throw away our own freedoms if we so choose. We do not have the right to throw away theirs. And it's not just about the 2020 elections. It won't end there. The fight to keep socialist forces from taking away Americans' freedom will go on until either they win or we defeat them. There can be no compromise between freedom and slavery. It's one or the other. There is no middle ground.

--Lee Dobry