American Exodus

American Exodus is a race against time to transform the Body of Christ from faith-based theology alone to being founded in love. To transform from the authority of the state to follow only Christ, past thousands of years of tradition to remember the whole truth of creation, faith, holiness and the power of God to preserve nations. But if the church comes of age in a world filled with unprecedented lawlessness, the price for following Jesus might be very high. Only the Lord knows who will be for Him and who will be against Him when the time comes, but the end is coming""His patience is fulfilled. Can humanity humble itself and gain the mercy of God? Or will the end come with humans isolated and alone at the mercy of merciless powers?

American Exodus is about the power of the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself in ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. It rises to heart and life-changing heights of the Glory of the Lamb, and it dives to the depths of tormented souls desperately trying to find refuge, sanctuary, healing, and reconciliation. It is a study on how dramatically everything can change, yet how constant the power and grace of God is for those who are willing to seek out the Holy Place.

--Stephen Hays

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