Angel Treasures for Your Soul

Gail Thomas and Jean Castelow, a daughter and her mama, completed this book using nature photographs taken at or near their home near beautiful Lake Seminole, near Donalsonville, Georgia. We dedicate this book to all storm victims in Seminole County, Ga. Also, our surrounding counties, Mexico Beach and Panama City, Florida.

We hope you know that God sent his son, Jesus, to die for us and resurrected him to sit at his right side and take us to Heaven when we die if we will accept him as our Savior and give our lives to him. His Holy Spirit can guide us and help us each day on our earthly journey. People can see Jesus in our hearts on earth, and we can pray for healing and comfort anytime and receive his strength and power. Gail and her mama love Jesus, which is reflected in the poetry book. The Bible speaks of angels as messengers who are sent by God to help us at times in our lives. Our prayer is that you will be encouraged, healed, and inspired by this book, and always comforted, knowing God's angels are with your every day. Love and Prayers,

--Gail Thomas and Jean Castelow