ANKH: Let those who dwell on earth know what's about to come next. Rev 3:10

The portal is open, and the world will never be the same. The ancient gods are anxious to return and reignite their old glory. If unleashed, it will shatter man's hope for peace. The Arab-Israeli conflict took a nasty turn; a dark cloud hovered over the entire Middle East as the world's armies launched toward the ultimate battle. The planet balances on the edge of World War III. Amidst the U.S. ground forces, a group of archeologists goes missing in the ruined city of Abu Simbel. A military team and scientists arrive in Egypt to investigate. It wasn't just old ruins and deserts to contend with. A mystery was present; an alien celestial artifact rests in those ancient ruins, a portal somewhere else. The mission became a survival run as political intrigues, hungry to acquire its secret, threatened to tear them apart. The team must act fast to discover the truth deep into Abu Simbel. And the story begins when they enter a conduit across time to the middle Egyptian dynasty and face forces fighting a war older than time. Against all odds, a group of people frozen in time, waiting for a deliverer to hold back the ancient powers.

--Sam Yacoub

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