A military career is about sacrificing and protecting the freedom and liberties of those around you. How can you continue the drive to accomplish the mission while having an internal force that can prevent burnout? The answer is this: by renewing your spirit and allowing God's power in all aspects of your life. Many military members understand how to improve their physical fitness or gain education through classes, but how do we gain spiritual fitness? Dwight sought to answer these questions by improving spiritual fitness through the reading of scriptures and by integrating experiences from his military career. A war cry of extreme hopefulness is between the pages of this devotional guide.If you've ever felt a tug at your heart for something more as you tightly lace your boots, ready to combat the day, then look no further. The uniform we wear is indeed the fabric of our nation; however, we neglect the stitching that holds it all together--our heavenly Father. Though we may take our uniforms off at the end of the day, being a service member is a full-time commitment, just as it is to be a Christian. This devotional guide will walk you through all parts of your life and aid in your commitment to being a Christian who happens to also be a service member. As you take time to reflect on your walk in Christ, let this devotional drive you to professional, personal, and spiritual growth.Too many times do we separate our faith from the uniform we wear. However, faith is something we shouldn't relinquish or suppress for the sake of our career. The Armed Forces Devotional Guide to a Fulfilling Career provides simple yet refreshing methods of examining your current situation, making the necessary changes, and executing the mission.

--Dwight A. Scott

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