At the Door

The author was inspired through the Holy Spirit to write poetry as she was writing in her daily prayer journal. These poems mirror her feelings of sadness, discouragement, praise, and joy.

The prayer journals were written over a twenty-year span. The journals were mainly written for her family, hoping that they would read them after her death, and learn how to lean on God in times of difficulty.

The author has also included several "dream vignettes" in this book""visions of Heaven.

She is praying that these poems will uplift and give comfort to the readers of this book. It is His witness to the world.


I dreamt one night of a terrible thing--

The price my Savior paid for my life of sin.

I saw him dying in agony,

Under those cruel nails on Calvary.

I saw the blood slowly trickling down

From beneath the crown,

Placed upon His head so fair.

The dream was so fearfully clear--

I believed that I really was there.

The sky blackened, not a sneering word was heard.

All was silence, not even the song of a bird.

Then Jesus cried out in heart-wrenching pain,

"My Father, My Father!

Why have you forsaken Me?"

Then as quickly as it had come,

It disappeared from me.

I crawled out of my bed and slipped to my knees.

"My Savior, my Lord," I prayed through my tears.

"Thank you for forgiving my sins

And always loving me." (At the Door, page 7)


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