Be A Blessing, Not A Burden

Share your blessings, gifts, love, passions, and talents with the world! Love yourself more and dare to be different! Be A Blessing, Not A Burden is an inspirational and informative book that goes into great detail about what people experience every day. We live in a world that’s full of both heavenly divineness and demonic corruption. There are so many people today who are lost, confused, and unfulfilled with their lives. Billions of people are not utilizing their true potential, talents, and gifts out of fear and worry. “The choices you make is the life you create!” This is one of the main reasons why I made a commitment to write this book. Be A Blessing, Not A Burden presents mature, in-depth knowledge and wisdom about the various intricacies of life today. This book also entails the different life perspectives of both men and women. Regardless of how you or anyone else’s upbringing was, you ultimately decide how you want to live your life. With all of the various changes and advances the 21st century has brought, it has also strained the interactions and relationships between men and women greater than any previous century has ever before. People tend to easily take others for granted based on entitlement, immaturity, insecurity, and selfishness. Being closed off to people that are different from you can be quite detrimental to your future. Will you make better choices regarding your life today?

I encourage you to be a blessing, not a burden. Utilize your unique abilities and potential capabilities to discover what you are able to accomplish. Challenge preconceived notions, what you have been conditioned to accept as the truth, and the various norms and values of our current society. Even if you have a little desire to improve your life and leave mediocrity behind, you have the potential to change your life for the better. Make improvements in your life by renewing your mind, being open to better possibilities, and make greater significant impacts on the lives of others. Embark on your journey to fulfill your life purpose and be a blessing to others along the way. Now is the time to make your life more fulfilling and share your blessings with others.

--Raymond L. Dennis III